To the light, yes. To the light. Only one way out of this darkness. To the light yes. To the light. Upraise in motion to fear behind. To the light yes to the light Her I go. Here we go. To the lights. Dark surroundings as thick as ocean water. Air, no oxygen to breath. […]


Stealing a moment

Stealing the moment. Time is running scared. The clock is confused. Sun and moon are lost. The absence of time is now in our hands. Eternal pause between heart beats. Between glimpses.Between breaths. Everything stopped for one long second. A thief. A moment. A soul. For some is a spark, for others is darkens what’s […]

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To the mystery…

It was a random walk, but not a random house. It whispered, echoing in to my ear as I passed by on Thursday night walk. I dared to look only once before speeding up the pace and before turning the corner I felt it’s look as if it was calling me in…

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Early morning & drive. To nowhere? to the infinity. Unsure of falling and sure of rising to the infinity.

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