Is a New day

Is a new day.

The fires from last night almost burned all of my thoughts.

By the time I got up and ran every room in my head was on fire.

The long dark hallways filled with smoke and my desperation hand by hand clouding my vision.
Terror in the mirror. Terror On the blank sheet of paper. Terror to touch the pen.

Breathing was a Difficulty.
A chasing image of you.
A suffocating pulse.
And a coughing of horror
It was a running moment of reach.

The bottle and the glass.
The fake exit.
But still an exit.

The tiredness.
The stillness.
The moment-less
Of my body. Of my soul.
And the horror imagery
Of your face, of your name.

Yes. It was a nightmare.
A chasing nightmare
before a tragical night of sleep.

But today is a new day.

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