There you were, Making sure to be seen, To remark your presence To allow me the honor Of your pure nature being. Uncorrupted, untamed, Untouched. Until next time. Until next time.

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Obvious is not the always

Truth is not visible today as the fog covers and hides all high rise buildings as if trying to confuse me on my way, on my path. As many other times I must trust my instincts and my heart to guide me. To take me. To risk it all once again for what lies ahead. […]

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Tomando café con la izquierda…

La taza en la derecha da paso al swing largo y extendido del brazo, con los dedos casi en forma de cruz, listos para enganchar en la oreja de la taza llena, humeante y negra en su interior, del placer adictivo de un buen café. Es la procesión interna, mental y espiritual. Un ritual placentero […]

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Ice on the glass.

It’s cold through the window, The glass building ice Shaking the skin Looking in the mind For the warmed For the one time Eternal flame in time In my mind, in my eye. The one time I can hold for warm. To ease the skin To ease the heart and the mind.

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My Sun

Winter through the window glass And still fill the morning warmth As if you extended your radiant arms To me… In return I do the same High up in the air To the universe From my standing place Out to you location in outer space.

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