Es una idea.Es u sonido.Un soplido del viento a la luz de la menteEn penumbra brillasA la esperaA la carrera de llegar.Un viajeDe cero. Desde la nada.Hasta la totalidad de serUna entrega totalUn momento, un viajar.La menteLa luz y la oscuridad.El túnel de la visión mentalLa catástrofe totalDe la mediocridad.El triunfo conceptualDe la filosofía. De […]

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Walking away Learn and separate Walking away lose one self different path Another self One more time One last time I saw my old self Walking away A soul a spirit Freed in this cold Into a new ship The hunt goes

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There you were, Making sure to be seen, To remark your presence To allow me the honor Of your pure nature being. Uncorrupted, untamed, Untouched. Until next time. Until next time.

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Obvious is not the always

Truth is not visible today as the fog covers and hides all high rise buildings as if trying to confuse me on my way, on my path. As many other times I must trust my instincts and my heart to guide me. To take me. To risk it all once again for what lies ahead. […]

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