Fire escape.

Prisoner (of my mind) Locked (inside my head) Lost in a labyrinth Harassed by your name Chased by your image You are a ghost… I am exhausted Desperate for an exit A fire escape finally I can see ahead From the top floor I will make the jump…

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One after another. Close among each other. Far apart from each moment. Connected. Affected. Defective as perfection. Reincarnation by the second. A new beast. A new win. A new defeat. For each beginning. For each end. Deep breath I take. A survival intake For my soul. For my flesh. A weapon. A tool. There they […]

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Notion and Elements

Time. Day or night, light or darkness are my signal. Water. In your absence I could die, you can appear from the driest place and be endless in your greatest space. Fire. I fear you from the first instinct, control over you it’s an illusion, purposing your power it is my defeat. Air. It’s a […]

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Es una idea.Es u sonido.Un soplido del viento a la luz de la menteEn penumbra brillasA la esperaA la carrera de llegar.Un viajeDe cero. Desde la nada.Hasta la totalidad de serUna entrega totalUn momento, un viajar.La menteLa luz y la oscuridad.El túnel de la visión mentalLa catástrofe totalDe la mediocridad.El triunfo conceptualDe la filosofía. De […]

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Walking away Learn and separate Walking away lose one self different path Another self One more time One last time I saw my old self Walking away A soul a spirit Freed in this cold Into a new ship The hunt goes

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There you were, Making sure to be seen, To remark your presence To allow me the honor Of your pure nature being. Uncorrupted, untamed, Untouched. Until next time. Until next time.

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