Let go of oneself…

Some like to be in control at all times.
For me it is different.
I reach a point where I need to let go of it.
Let it all loose.
And just float in the water.
Flow in the air.
An act of freedom.
Challenge my gravity
As a form of art.
Stop being afraid.
Don’t resist the forces surrounding me.
And become one with a universe.
Become one with…
Too much control overwhelms my soul.
Too much of anything fatigues my spirit.
Like water flows into any shape and takes on any cause.
Like air flowing through channels,
fulfilling all empty spaces.
In the light I appreciate the light.
In the dark I appreciate darkness.
And when braking the rules
In the light I search for the dark.
And in my darkness I need the light to save me from my self.

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