Let go of oneself…

Some like to be in control at all times.For me it is different.I reach a point where I need to let go of it.Let it all loose.And just float in the water.Flow in the air.An act of freedom.Challenge my gravityAs a form of art.Stop being afraid.Don’t resist the forces surrounding me.And become one with a […]

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An experience is…The death of my old selfNew life.The Nothing.The EmptinessThe highest expresión of lifeIs the death of my old self.The pain and the fear of dying.The acceptance of no choice.The journey.An old soul traveling though darkness and ugliness.The fires. The catastrophe.The falling and burning of everythingFor one day to open the eyes into a […]

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Only one

There’s no power.There’s no will.There’s no tomorrow…Only the eternal moment of now. Yes, a slaveOf a timeless moment.A timeless memoryA timeless hopeTo hear your voice It’s Beauty kills.Perfect tenorOff deep voiceA choir of soundsMemories of the futureA past hope. Muted screamingOf lungs in desperation.Imprisoned winds.Impatiens of a dying soul.Exiled heartTo a solitude of echoes. The […]

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Is a New day

Is a new day. The fires from last night almost burned all of my thoughts. By the time I got up and ran every room in my head was on fire. The long dark hallways filled with smoke and my desperation hand by hand clouding my vision.Terror in the mirror. Terror On the blank sheet […]

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